Gulf Coast Industries is a Gulf Coast Mental Health Center (Region XIII) work activity center providing prevocational and vocational skills training for adults with developmental disabilities.

It is our belief that every person no matter what the nature or degree of disability can have an opportunity to become a part in the competitive work force. We accomplish this  by providing settings to enhance individuals with the ability to be independent through various educational programs, training sessions, and community outings.

Our goal is to create an environment that teaches individuals how to build self-confidence, provide opportunities to learn social skills, and instruction on working in the community. by exposing you to a variety of job skills.

►We are certified by the United States Department of Labor as a sheltered workshop, which means that we comply with federal laws pertaining to wages paid to clients.

►We are also certified b
y the Mississippi Department of Mental Health, which sets standards for work activity programs throughout the state.

►We observe the Federal Immigration Act, which governs the employment of immigrant workers.

►The local fire and health departments inspect us regularly to insure a safe work place.

►Requirements of the Equal Opportunity Act are also observed.

  Please contact us at 228 868-2072 for further information.

Lois Parker,  Manager


Allen Forrest, Assistant Manager